Ghosting Causes You to Lose Out on Top Talent

Let’s talk about ghosting. An appropriate topic for October, but I’m not talking about the decorations at your local Halloween store. Ghosting is an unfortunate dating term that’s been creeping into the working world. This term is typically used when two people go on a date and then one party just vanishes and cuts off… Read more »

Your Value Proposition is the Key to Reaching the Next Level

Your value proposition is the unique combination of skills and experience you bring to your employer, coworkers and customers. To craft your value proposition, you need to determine a few key points. What is your vision and what are you doing to get there? Define your vision It is hard to follow a path with… Read more »

Keeping Talent: How to retain your new hires

Choosing the right candidates and hiring the best fit for your company culture and job needs is the first step in building a winning team. But how do you keep that team together? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the average tenure for an employee is 4.7 years. That’s a big change from… Read more »

Kevin O’Connor brings expertise to Career 1 Source

Kevin O’Connor, a life-long passionate advocate for agriculture, joins the Ag 1 Source / Career 1 Source Talent Services group. Kevin’s successful track record in sales, sales management, recruiting, and training development is a great fit into the role of Training and Development Manager for the Ag 1 Source / Career 1 Source team. One… Read more »

Your Resume Needs to Prove It!

Often times we have candidates call in wondering if anyone has seen their application. You sent your resume in, why won’t anyone look at it? Would you like to know how to get your application seen by the right people? Make sure you have listed your “quantifiable accomplishments”. Without the numbers, many resumes read like… Read more »

Training Talent: Onboarding New Employees

Employee retention is a challenge for every company. You don’t want to lose the top talent you worked so hard to acquire. But what strategies really work? Did you know that having a strong onboarding process for your new employees can improve your employee retention by as much as 82%? (Dewar, 2019) With the low… Read more »

How to Identify Your Prime Motivators for Change

Are you considering looking for a new position at a different company? Perhaps you’re ready to further your progress down your chosen career path. You could be searching for greater responsibility, better pay, or a move geographically. Maybe you’re unsure what’s causing your wandering eye. It’s important to identify what we call your “Prime Motivators”… Read more »

A Memorial Day Tribute

By Jim Whitt, Purpose Unlimited As this was our first trip to France we suffered from a perpetual state of directional disability. And that is how we met Michel. We wandered through the gate of a small cemetery not a stone’s throw from Omaha Beach in Normandy.  Michel did not speak much English but fortunately,… Read more »

If You Answer Yes to These Questions, It’s Time for a Career Move

It’s easy to get stuck in a career rut. You have responsibilities. Your boss needs you. You’re in the middle of a big project and would feel guilty if you resigned right now. All of these are excuses we tell ourselves that hold us back from true career satisfaction. Of course, experiencing stress at work… Read more »

Sell Your Company Value to Secure Executive Level Talent

Due to tight supply and high demand for experienced talent, the interview is even more critical to the executive recruitment process than ever. Selling the opportunity to the candidate can be the make or break moment when you reach the offer stage. How do you conduct your employment interviews? Do you take the time to… Read more »