Show Gratitude to Build a Stronger, Happier Workplace

By Alexis Stiebe

Thanksgiving may have looked different this year. Gatherings were smaller and relatives may have been far from home. Even in trying times, there are small things that others do for us that make life a little easier. In 2020, we should be even more aware of showing gratitude and appreciation to those around us. Take some time to lift the spirits of your family, friends and coworkers by sharing your gratitude.

Your coworkers do large and small things to help you year-round. Do you take time to show your appreciation? Of course, coworkers are being paid to do their jobs and will continue to do so, but acknowledging a job well done makes the workplace more enjoyable for everyone. Maybe a team member spent long hours on a big project that helps the whole company. You might have asked a coworker for a small favor that helped you save a little time or a team member gave you some good advice that helped solve a problem. Big or small, a little gratitude is never misplaced.

Not only is a simple thank you just a nice thing to do, a small show of gratitude can have big benefits. Consistent and well-earned thanks will lift the mood of your whole workplace. Acknowledgment of a job well done reduces stress, increases teamwork, and cements workplace cohesion. We may be isolated by working from home, but we can still communicate and maintain those connections.

Here are a few ideas for sharing gratitude in your workplace:

  • Send a quick note.
    Whether by email, Teams chat, or a quick phone call, a simple thank you goes a long way. You could even hand write a quick thank you and send it in the mail.
  • Acknowledge accomplishments in a team meeting.
    Did a team member break a sales record, come up with a great new process, or do an outstanding job on a recent project? Share their success with the whole team.
  • Managers, send a small gift to your team.
    It may be a little hard to bring a box of donuts to the break room these days. Send a gift card or have cookies or snack mix delivered to each group member when your team is really knocking it out of the park.
  • Show appreciation on social media.
    Each department contributes to your business in a unique way. Share appreciation on your company social media account. Not only can you give followers a sneak peak into the work you put in to provide a great product and service, the team will see that their work is valued and appreciated.

These are just a few ways to show your gratitude, acknowledge success and build a stronger team. At Ag 1 Source, we know that teamwork is essential. Contact us today to find a great fit for your team.