Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

By Rhonda Werner, Recruiting Consultant – Partner

Partnering with a recruitment agency has far more benefits than what you may see on the surface, which is traditionally just someone to fill their open or hard to fill positions. There are many more benefits of using a recruitment firm than just “find us a person.”

Time Efficiency

Our job, 8 hours a day, is to recruit. Most human resource professionals or hiring managers do not have 8 hours a day every day to devote to recruiting. Let the recruitment agency use their time to find your top candidates. It saves you time.

Reviewing Only Candidates That Best Fit

Our job everyday is to talk to the best people in our industry. We have a solid understanding on who the top candidates would be for your role or where to quickly find them.

Industry Specialists

We are not generalists. We have a very industry specific focus, which gives us the opportunity to really get to know the best of the best. We know how to talk to these folks because we come from the industry and talk the talk. Sometimes in-house human resources personnel or recruiters do not come from the industry and do not fully understand some of the nuances of the industry. As such they can overlook details that could be very important.

Team Effort and Wide Coverage

When you work with us, our network is deep and you’re accessing coverage across the U.S. This is not just one recruiter trying to cover the entire U.S. That is exceptionally difficult. You get a team with regional focus at your service to best know the top talent.

We Serve You

Our job is to find you the best talent who are truly interested in your organization and the role. We tell your story, we serve you, we help build credibility for you in the marketplace when working with an individual recruitment firm.

Proven Process

We do this every day. We have become efficient at screening talent quickly and using our network to find you talent. This isn’t just waiting for talent to apply to an ad. We RECRUIT not just sit back and wait.

It Is What We Do

Career 1 Source has not been in business for years and worked with some of the top industry leaders because we are reactive. We fight for you, tell your story, save you time and know the best in the industry.

If you want someone to partner with on your recruiting efforts and be your Talent Solutions Partner, please reach out. We are happy to explain our process and our successes!