Best Reads from 2020: Improving the Hiring Process

As the year wraps up, let’s revisit the content our readers found the most helpful in 2020. This year has certainly been full of unique challenges. However, organizations have found ways to meet the challenges prevented by Covid-19 and working remotely. Our most read articles from the past year show that the biggest challenges for employers and job seekers are not so different from before.

Employers want to learn how to improve the hiring process and find the best talent. Job seekers want to know how to put their best foot forward and get that employment offer.

If you missed out on these discussions earlier in the year, take a look now. We’ve compiled the top 3 blog posts from 2020 for you here:

Improving the Hiring Process in 2020

What was your experience like the last time you went to an interview or waited to hear back after applying to a position? Was the wait time long? Did you experience good communication with the employer? How our candidates experience the hiring process is something recruiters consider often and want to learn more about. To accomplish this, we conducted a survey on the length of the hiring process. Read the full article here.

Where are all the Good Candidates?

If you have put off your hiring, and your requirements include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, specific skills, and experience, the supply of ready-to-work candidates may have already returned to a very tight supply, and many won’t want to relocate.  One candidate that I recently tried to recruit said this, “I’m good for only one relocation per pandemic.”

So, don’t hesitate. Act fast when making hiring decisions. The top candidates will not be available for long. Read the full article here.

Short on Requirements? How to be Selected for Your Ideal Job

You are ready for the next step in your career path. You have been searching for ideal job roles that match your passions, interests, and work culture.  However, you are concerned that the job descriptions of your ideal job include a level of experience, education, or skills you don’t currently have.  How can you position yourself to be considered for roles when you are short on the requirements? Read the full article here.

We hope this advice helps you meet and exceed your 2021 goals. Continue to browse our blog for more helpful insight. For help building a strong team with the skills to reach those goals, contact the experts at Career 1 Source.