Cyber Security Updates

We, at Ag1Source and Career1Source, would like to take time at the end of 2023 to emphasize how important cyber security is. We would also like to make our clients aware of cyber security trends affecting our industry.  Spoofing and phishing schemes are becoming more prevalent, especially when a transfer of money and sensitive information is involved.

One of the biggest telltale signs of a scam is that the email address is ever-so-slightly off.  It may have the correct name showing up in the FROM box, but if you hover over the email to see the full details, you will notice the full email address is likely off by a letter or two. Furthermore, cyber criminals are also spoofing invoices and adding “fake” bank account information, while everything else in the invoice may look correct.

We feel this is important to pass this information along because Ag1Source and Career1Source sends out invoices electronically, and we want to make sure our clients are closely reviewing ANY electronic form of invoicing from us or any of your vendors.

We want to emphasize that our company is very vigilant in our efforts to secure our client/candidate information, as well as make sure all our computers are up to date with all the latest software to combat and catch threats.  In addition, we train our staff monthly on cyber security, how to spot threats, etc., but cyber criminals are getting more advanced in their scams. If you don’t have your company enrolled in a cyber security training program, we highly recommend you do.

If there is ever a question as to the validity of an invoice from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to your recruiting consultant to confirm prior to payment!