Shirin Z., A Happy Placement

“My experience was great. David Weaver kept me informed during all stages of the process and prepared for interviews.”

Doug B.

“I particularly liked Scott Wedel’s approach. Honest, sincere, with diligent follow through. He works hard to vet both the candidate and the bank to assure a good fit for both parties.”

Mike S., A Happy Placement

Scott was excellent to work with. Very personable and went the extra mile to achieve a positive result. Thanks!

Another Happy Career 1 Source Candidate

I didn’t get the chance to tell you over the phone, but I have appreciated your work throughout this process. I feel that I knew exactly what I was getting into and what the board’s expectations of me would be. I didn’t hear anything surprising yesterday because you made sure I was well-informed prior to… Read more »

Senior HR Recruiter with a Food & Beverage Company

I wanted to pass along the compliments from everyone about the pre-work, notes and due diligence from Scott that accompany the resume. They are all very impressed with the professionalism of your agency.

Thankful Candidate

David – Thank you for keeping me in mind after our first conversation. It was fantastic working with you. I’ve been waiting to write you until my first day. And I’m so excited to say today was my first day! It was fantastic! I’m looking forward to a long career with this company. This position… Read more »

Successfully Placed Career 1 Source Candidate

David – I started with this company one year ago today. It’s been the best business decision I’ve ever made. Thanks for being persistent in your encouragement to join this company. There hasn’t been a single day that I’ve second guessed the decision.

Successfully Placed Candidate

David is the recruiter who introduced me to my current employer – he has the patience of Job, and incredible integrity – he works extremely hard to find the perfect fit for both the candidate and for the employer.