Candidate – Professional & Informative

“Scott treated me like a person. He didn’t just throw a job out to me – he knew his client and he got to know me and decided what would be a good fit. It wasn’t only about a commission for him. He went above and beyond to get me excited about his client and the position, but then went even further to provide me with extra information about the town I would be relocating to. He was informative but not pushy. He wasn’t worried about whether his client reached out to me directly in the final stages of negotiations, as I have had other recruiters caution me about that because they were worried they wouldn’t get their cut. He showed tremendous initiative by hearing about my previous company’s layoffs and reaching out to me directly to see if I was affected, which I was. I got to know him as a person; to trust him and his judgment, without him having to be anything other than honest and himself. Scott Wedel was literally the best recruiter I have ever worked with and I will maintain contact with him in the future. He even sent me a congrats card on my new position. He handled the entire relationship professionally and with poise, adding a human touch to it. I am so grateful for Scott and his patience through this whole experience.”