Successfully Placed Candidate

“Recruiter was very personable and provided good follow up and support in getting questions answered and needs met. David Weaver was excellent!”

Brooke M.

“Great follow up and discussions. I thought that David did a good job with prepping me on the meetings/interviews.”

Mirra S.

“David provided accurate and helpful information about the company and position. David communicated with me by email, phone and text and ensured I have accurate and timely information. David was able to secure additional compensation above my original ask. David was extremely professional and just overall assisted in a smooth recruiting process.”

Heather B.

“I feel that David was a real advocate for me during the process. He was very transparent about the challenges of the company and what they were looking for which allowed me to have great conversations and ask appropriate questions. He was very prompt with responses and feedback.”

Candidate – Professional & Informative

“Scott treated me like a person. He didn’t just throw a job out to me – he knew his client and he got to know me and decided what would be a good fit. It wasn’t only about a commission for him. He went above and beyond to get me excited about his client and… Read more »

Robinn C.

“Scott kept me up to date and in the loop during the entire process, as well as providing valuable tips on my next steps throughout.”

Shirin Z., A Happy Placement

“My experience was great. David Weaver kept me informed during all stages of the process and prepared for interviews.”

Doug B.

“I particularly liked Scott Wedel’s approach. Honest, sincere, with diligent follow through. He works hard to vet both the candidate and the bank to assure a good fit for both parties.”