Individuals refer their friends and colleagues to Career 1 Source for one reason. Trust.

Our job seekers know they can trust our experienced team of recruiters to serve as their career advocate or to just have confidential conversations about their career and desired future direction.

Not ready for a career change today?

You may not be interested in making a career change today, but networking with one of our trusted advisers, with a focus in your market segment, can help open doors in the future. We can even alert you when that perfect role does come about. This leaves you free to continue to focus on the success of your current role knowing that industry experts are invested in your success. In fact, we succeed when you succeed. There is never a financial cost or fee for you to pay, even when you are placed in a new position.

So how can we help you?

We are your Advocate

A recruiter becomes your inside track to the job market. Working with one is the best way to passively look for a job while maintaining your current position. As soon as you send your resume to an employer, you become an active job seeker. This can sometimes put your current position in jeopardy if a colleague or boss hears that you’ve applied at another company. We can find the right opportunities for you while keeping your information confidential. Career 1 Source will never share your information with an employer without your permission.

By connecting with us and allowing us to be your career advocate, you also gain access to exclusive career opportunities. We can open doors to companies that don’t advertise their jobs anywhere else. These positions are never posted on other job boards. Connect with us and help us get to know you, your goals and your skills. We can then take that knowledge to become your best advocate in the industry.

Learn more about yourself

Another thing we can do for you is help you gain further insight into yourself. A behavioral assessment, backed by proven science, can help you know your strengths, predominant personality traits and communication style. One of the best ways to achieve future success is to truly understand yourself. What is your go to decision making method? How do you approach tasks and accomplish your goals? How much mental, emotional and physical energy do you possess?

Having a clear understanding of who you really are helps to determine the path you should truly be on. Gaining this understanding can improve your job performance, career success and overall life satisfaction. Your results will teach you how to improve communication, reduce interpersonal conflicts, and succeed in all your roles.

One of our recruiters can provide you with an even more in depth evaluation of your results. This assessment only takes 10 minutes to complete and provides a detailed explanation of your natural self, how you believe others perceive you to be and the main causes of stress in you current role. One of our recruiters can set up the assessment for you to take online and help you understand the results, just schedule a call with one in the next section to request this.

Your detailed results may look something like this:


Schedule a call

Schedule a call with an recruiting expert who is focused on expertise in your industry and lives in your geography.

Our recruiters have decades of combined experience in the finance, healthcare, private equity, transportation and non-profit sectors. We’ll match you with an expert in your geographical area with contacts in the sector that best matches your background and desired industry segment.


Review our recruiters

Review our recruiters, check out their LinkedIn profiles and connect to those who fit your background.

Our recruiters have worked directly in the industries they place. Their wide range of experience allows each recruiter to recognize the steps you need to take to find success in your industry. They also each have a robust network of contacts in their industry. Connect with them on Linkedin so you never miss out on an exclusive employment opportunity from their network. Many of the positions we place are never posted anywhere else.


Founded on integrity, Career 1 Source is a highly trusted recruiting firm serving a wide variety of industries. Our recruiters offer many years of success leading to highly credible knowledge that allows them to identify the best talent and place them in a fulfilling role.

If you are actively seeking a career change, be sure to check out the roles we are currently recruiting for HERE.

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