Bulletin: Message to Job Seekers

Thank you for visiting Career 1 Source with interest to see what is available today. We live in unprecedented times, with this virus outbreak, and our hearts go out to those having to make substantial adjustments, but I want to personally assure you of a few key things during this time.

  • Recent surveys of our employers indicate that most employers plan to continue with their 2020 hiring plans. No doubt, during the past few weeks, some wanted a few days to reorganize and reprioritize, but industries we serve are critical functions, so the work must get done.

  • Interview procedures may be changing. Many employers are adopting video or web meeting platforms, or will conduct a socially distanced interview.  If you have not already prepared yourself for this type of change, now is the time to get comfortable with these new methods.  Our site has some instructions regarding video interviewing, found here.

  • Many employers are gearing up to handle remote office working environments. A productive performance track record will still be expected, however, how productivity will be measured may be changing.

  • Since 2008, nearly all of our Career 1 Source recruiters have been working remotely. In preparation for the work-from-home orders that became reality for many areas, we equipped our main office administrative team with home-office setups as well. The move to a work at home or nearby, single-person office setup was no real adjustment for us.

  • As you browse the positions that we list on our site, I want to assure you that all of these positions are real, that these employers are serious about hiring, and that we continue to successfully place and close deals, even through the most uncertain of these past few weeks. We are assured by most of our employers that once they make their adjustments, that they intend to proceed with most of their hiring plans.  Interviews are happening every week.

  • We are here to help. Our employers will continue to have high expectations and they need good people to get the work done and produce their intended results.  During this time, we encourage you to have discussions with our recruiting team, now more than ever.

Stay safe, use good judgment in your social encounters, and let’s work together to keep this nation strong.


Mike Smith, President/CEO