How Partering with a Recruiter/Career Coach Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals

Over the past year we’ve talked about identifying your prime motivators and developing your value proposition to help you achieve your future ambitions. Those tools are an integral part of selling your story to a potential employer, but they are not the only tools in the box. Your resume, communication style and interview skills all play a big part in where your career might lead.

Building those skills and tools takes time and experience. While you can manage these tasks on your own, the help of a credible adviser can make a big difference. A recruiter/career coach in your industry can help you add value for future career ambitions.

Some of the areas a recruiter can coach you in include:

  • Resume enhancement

    Your resume is the first place you get to share your value proposition with the employer. It’s worth some extra care and attention. A recruiter will review your resume and help you sell your story. We know what skills and accomplishments the employer wants to see demonstrated on your resume and what information is less important.

  • Insight into your natural self

    One of the best ways to achieve future success is to truly understand yourself. What is your go-to decision making method? How do you approach tasks and accomplish your goals? How much mental, emotional and physical energy do you possess?

    A behavioral assessment, backed by proven science, can help you know your strengths, predominant personality traits and communication style. Gaining this understanding can improve your job performance, career success and overall life satisfaction.

  • Interview preparation

    Don’t make the interview more stressful than it needs to be. Your recruiter will coach you on the company culture, background and key decision makers. We also provide you with tips on how to make a good impression, what questions to expect and even which questions you should ask. With some guidance and inside knowledge, you can nail that first conversation with the employer.

Those practical skills paired with your value proposition will take you a long way in achieving your goals. However, those aren’t the only benefits to trusting a recruiter to assist in your job search. Working with a recruiter you trust provides additional benefits that will give you the leading edge.

  • Gain an inside track to our clients

    We form personal relationships with the company hiring managers we work with and build a deep understanding of the culture and way of doing business at that company. Our close relationship also means we hear about open positions first. We can open doors to companies that don’t advertise their jobs anywhere else. These positions are never posted on other job boards. Get your foot in the door before your peers even realize a new opportunity is available.

  • Communicate with someone who cares

    A recruiter should take the time to get to know you and your motivations. We care about your success and want you to succeed. Understanding what you need and your prime motivators for a career change ensures that you are matched with a position and work culture that meets those needs.

  • Trust in clear and honest communication

    Integrity is at the foundation of what we do. We strive for transparency and clarity in all our communication with you. Express your concerns, share your goals and ask for advice with the knowledge that we value your trust and want to see you succeed. Your information is never shared without your permission. We send your resume to the employer only if you give your approval and think that company is a good fit for you.

Finding the perfect position for the next part of your career path can be a challenge, but you don’t have to tackle that challenge alone. Career 1 Source can assist by being your career advocate within the industry. Take advantage of the knowledge and coaching we’ve discussed and contact us today.