Texting and Technology – Bridging the Generational Gap

The search process is often frustrating and time consuming. Factoring in a generational gap between experienced management and new, young talent introduces further challenges. We’ve heard from many employers that the increase in potential job candidates texting the hiring manager, instead of emailing or actually calling on the phone, is particularly frustrating.

Approaching the Generation Gap

Each generation has a different approach to technology and its use. Talking over the phone and using formal phone etiquette can go a long way toward making a good impression on a hiring manager. As the hiring manager, you need to assess why job candidates may want to use alternate forms of communication instead.

Shannon Worrell, recruiter with our sister company Ag 1 Source, addressed some of these frustrations recently on episode 151 of Working Ranch Radio.

When asked about new technology, she said, “Change happens all the time. And now it just happens faster. People have expectations that they can get information at their fingertips by Googling it. So, it’s there. We have to embrace it. And if we want those young minds, great talent that just needs experience in the world, to come out and go to work for us, we have to at least recognize it.”

Phones and Texting Today

Our smartphones are sneaking into the modern workplace and are a part of how we do business. The Pew Research Center found some interesting statistics:

  • Two-thirds of Americans have a smartphone
  • 20 percent rely on those devices to access the internet
  • 43 percent of smartphone owners have used their devices to look up information about a job
  • 18 percent have used their mobile device to submit a job application

As these numbers rise, you can expect job seekers to search for job information and send in applications on their mobile device.

Why Candidates are Texting

Are you trying to attract the best talent in your industry and convince them to work for you? Those top candidates are likely already employed and at that workplace during the day. Calling that candidate at 10 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon will result in you leaving a lot of voicemails.

However, that candidate is much more likely to be able to send you a quick text. It’s a convenient way to communicate that doesn’t require them to risk a personal call about new employment at their current workplace.

Try to find a happy medium. Consider what steps in the hiring process require more direct and detailed communication via a phone call or lengthy email. Keep those as a part of your original process. Then consider which steps remain and could work with a simple text. Some ideas could include:

  • Sending a link to job information details on your website.
  • Confirming that a requested file was received.
  • Providing information on the best way to submit an application.
  • Scheduling an interview time.
  • Receiving and answering quick questions about the hiring process that don’t need a lot of follow-up.

The option to text is one more opportunity for communication with the candidate. You may come to enjoy the convenience of texting and begin to utilize this communication tool throughout the hiring process.

We Can Help Bridge the Gap

Our recruiters seek out the best talent in your industry and reach out to those candidates for you. We can handle the emails, texts, phone calls and maybe even faxes that go back and forth before the actual interview. This process allows you to focus on the face-to-face interview where real, valuable communication can happen. For more information on our process click here.